Antonis Sroiter

Anchorman, Alpha TV, Greece


Antonis Sroiter was born in September 1974 in Athens. He is a graduate of Anavrita School and a senior at the Department of Greek Civilization of the University of Patras. He speaks English and German. He is married and a father of two children.

He began working as a journalist at “Apogevmatini” newspaper in 1993. In the meantime, he collaborated with the financial newspaper “Isotimia” and various magazines. He also attended Communication and New Technology in Media seminars, in Athens and Brussels.

In 2006, he started working as chief editor at “Proto Thema” newspaper. In 2008, he began his collaboration with ALPHA TV, as a commentator at first and then as an anchorman of the main news bulletin. In the last five years, ALPHA TV’s main news bulletin, remains 1st in ratings.

During his television course, he presented election programs for six elections and participated in four debates of political leaders. Via “Aftopsia” research program, he has travelled to war zones. He has dealt with all major social issues and has presented interviews with personalities from the political and business world. 

In 2016, a survey by Reuters and Oxford University designated ALPHA TV’s news bulletin as the first and main source of information of Greek viewers, among all electronic and printed Press media.

In 2017, Antonis Sroiter was awarded the Botsis Prize, the ultimate prize for journalists in Greece.


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