Chairman & Executive Director, AVAX, Greece

Christos Joannou was born in 1972 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated from Athens College in 1990, received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Cornell University in 1994 and his ΜΒΑ from the ΜΙΤ Sloan School of Management in 1998. Executive Chairman of Avax, which is based in Athens and is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Furthermore, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Aegean Airlines (Greece’s leading airline), Yes Hotels (operator of five boutique hotels in Athens) and is Chairman of Athenaeum SA (Intercontinental Athens). Mr. Joannou is a member of the Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors at Oxford University and of MIT Sloan Executive Board EMSAEB. He lives in Athens, Greece with his wife Dimi and their four children.


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