Founder & CEO, Manifest Services and Manifest Securities, Greece


Dionysis Ammolochitis was born in Athens in 1976. As the Founder and CEO of Manifest Services & Manifest Security, he established the term Facility Management in the domestic business environment, which was an unknown field for the general public 16 years ago. 

The positive results of the overall action were sealed with the partnership with an investment fund and the expansion of the company abroad through the 21st FM Alliance.

Dionysis Ammolochitis, except from his role as the Founder & CEO of Manifest Services, he is a founding member of the Hellenic Facility Management Association (HFMA), while he is also a member of the Hellenic Association of Business Associations, CEO Clubs Greece and Friends of the Academy of Athens.

In 2019 he founded D.AMM. – Actions for a successful business, to help all those interested in their own journey to success.


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