Sec.Gen for Digital Governance & Simplification of Administrative Processes

Mr. Leonidas Christopoulos is the Secretary General of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures at the Ministry of Digital Governance. Mr. Christopoulos has worked as an advisor to several Ministers as well as to the President of the governing party on the field of public administration reform.

He has coordinated significant public administration reform projects in Greece such as the reorganization of the Greek Central Administration (2014), the reduction of administrative burdens in several policy areas (2014), the public financial management agenda (2012-2014) and the new law on the Executive State (2019).

Mr. Christopoulos is a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance and a graduate of the National School of Public Administration.

He holds a degree on Political Science and International Relations from Panteion University and an MA in International Political Economy from Warwick University. He speaks English & German.



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